June 1st
21 Pornographies
Meat Market
Rising Festival
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A shiny black stage, three strips of light, and a voice from above. A painstaking word picture that transports us to an aristocratic mansion party.

Moments later, she reveals herself. Danish performer, Mette Ingvartsen, sitting in the crowd with us and weaving an intricate, erotic story.

Mette commands the space. Descending into her little sandbox, she fills the room with her stories. 21 diverse vignettes capturing the breadth and depth of human eroticism. Clothes on, clothes off, dancing, writhing, screaming, and gagging. She does all that she can to transport us into an unflinching reflection of our sexual selves.

21 Pornographies is truly entrancing. This is a greatest hits compilation of the best and worst expressions of human eroticism. Each vignette is told with nuanced shamelessness, precise detail, and free of judgment. It’s a celebration, more than anything, of our most delightful and outrageous perversions as a species.

For me, the product of this experience is a renewed sense of acceptance of my own perversion and the perversion of others. The darker edges of human sexuality are welcome here. And that is a striking message that lifts a whole lot of needless shame out of my body.

Ultimately, Mette manages to take her subject matter very seriously, while presenting it with effortless humanity and in endless joy and celebration.

Masterful interaction with the crowd, and a gift of chocolate, pulls us all into a sense of togetherness on this journey. For all the crazy shit she does on stage (and it does get pretty crazy), I’m left feeling a little more comfortable in my own skin.

Joshua Kernich

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