31st MayThe WildsSidney Myer Music BowlRising FestivalBuy Tickets A polar surge pummels down on Melbourne, blue and white lanterns guide us through a maze of paths, and a buzz of light and sound calls us deep into the parklands. A strangely human person checks our bags, and a neon sign welcomes us t

4th June8/8/8: WorkSchoolhouse Studios CoburgRising FestivalBuy Tickets I’m stuck in a long queue, with a lot of bleary eyes, coffee cups, and tweed jackets. I’m still a little bit angry that my alarm woke me up at 7am on a Saturday for a theatre show. But it all feels strangely perfect for my d

5th JuneAnything & EverythingACMIRising FestivalBuy Tickets Entering a little theatre lab at the top of ACMI, I am an immediate observer to a gaggle of teens tag-teaming in front of the camera. Their playful anecdotes are broadcast up on the big screen. Macbooks, cameras, screens, lights, and pr

June 1stGolden SquareGolden Square Car ParkRising FestivalBuy Tickets As far as cool shit goes, bursting into an inner-city multi-level carpark to experience installation art is some pretty cool shit. And Golden Square is all about being cool. A pyramid of light, vast projected panels, multi-panel s

June 1st21 PornographiesMeat MarketRising FestivalBuy Tickets A shiny black stage, three strips of light, and a voice from above. A painstaking word picture that transports us to an aristocratic mansion party. Moments later, she reveals herself. Danish performer, Mette Ingvartsen, sitting in the cro