31st MayThe WildsSidney Myer Music BowlRising FestivalBuy Tickets A polar surge pummels down on Melbourne, blue and white lanterns guide us through a maze of paths, and a buzz of light and sound calls us deep into the parklands. A strangely human person checks our bags, and a neon sign welcomes us t

June 1stGolden SquareGolden Square Car ParkRising FestivalBuy Tickets As far as cool shit goes, bursting into an inner-city multi-level carpark to experience installation art is some pretty cool shit. And Golden Square is all about being cool. A pyramid of light, vast projected panels, multi-panel s

June 1st21 PornographiesMeat MarketRising FestivalBuy Tickets A shiny black stage, three strips of light, and a voice from above. A painstaking word picture that transports us to an aristocratic mansion party. Moments later, she reveals herself. Danish performer, Mette Ingvartsen, sitting in the cro