The Octagon at Gluttony
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Ever since Bass Fam Creative burst onto the scene with their fiery debut, the smash hit Matador they have been one to watch. Quickly gaining a reputation for high production value, engaging storytelling, impeccable choreography and precise performance, their follow-up Oracle continued to wow audiences at the Adelaide Fringe.

This year they have return with Mansion and true to form they have created an enthralling misadventure into a ghoulish nightmare.
Mel Walker tragically lost her husband in unexpected circumstances and she packs up her two children Levi and Rachel to start afresh in new place.

However, they soon learn that they cannot outrun their grief and instead of finding a place of safety, they are both haunted and seduced by the grim history of the Mansion.

Set to a soundtrack of hit songs that have been broken down and reimagined into dark dramatic pieces, Mansion engulfs the audience in the emotionally intense narrative of a family who have descended into a battle for their sanity and possibly even their lives against the sinister spirits that now surround them every day.

This is all delivered through a mix of acrobatics, contemporary dance, ballet and projection expertly executed in intricate and nightmarish costumes. The Walker family embody the fear, stress and chaos of their situation and their tormentors are powerfully frightening, eliciting more than one jump and shriek from the audience. One of the more perplexing things is the undercurrent of sensual energy that permeates even the more gruesome sequences yet this works seamlessly for this sightly burlesque dance genre.

From beginning to end this is a show that will captivate you while keeping you slightly on edge. Part horror show, part tragedy, part love story and part family reunion, Mansion is the haunted house you will want to visit.

– Tamara Haines

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